The Caribbean was the region which produced the most  dynamic  sugar boom between the 1500s to 1800s. That innovation in sugar production propelled Europe’s Industrial Revolution. Today, innovation in agriculture needs boosting in the Caribbean and we need to introduce modern business practices to the entire Caribbean agriculture landscape. 

The Caribbean Agricultural Network (CAN) believes  in the philosophy of “CAN DO!”  CAN  marries the skills of agricultural scientist, lawyers, marketers, innovators and the best in computer science technology to enhance   our agriculture. Our network links the farmer,  agriculture  departments and exporters of agricultural products with regional and international markets, financing, technology and consumers to allow our producers to receive a better price.  CAN intends to partner with  farmers across the Caribbean region so they can receive training along with technical and business-management support to produce well-planned, sophisticated crops. 

Among the products the company will place focus on are cocoa, ginger, yucca, yams, sweet potatoes, dasheen, oranges, mangoes, avocados and mushrooms to name a few. Our network will also boost food security in our region by introducing best business and other practices to boost agriculture and fisheries. We also intend to partner with US farmers and others in the Americas to share in the networking so necessary to absorb best practices.

"We need to create a business culture within agriculture," our CEO Francis Richards has said. "We need to adopt new technologies to improve production and new products, or product offerings, penetrate new markets.  In that fashion we can become trend setters in food production.  We need to adopt the attitude of 'NOW' No Opportunity Wasted. "

Accordingly, CAN will be hosting a product launch of a small quantity of fresh agricultural produce namely dasheen, ginger and hot peppers (Morouga Red) under the patronage of His Excellency Hubert J. Charles, Ambassador Permanent Representative - Permanent Mission of the Commonwealth of Dominica to the OAS, on:-
  •   Date:     Thursday April 16th, 2015
  • Where:   3060 Mitchellville Road
                    North Oak Professional Park
                    Bowie, MD 20716
  • Time:      Start 6:00pm to 8:00pm

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Since the aforementioned will be the initial step towards the vision of greater collaboration under the umbrella of the Caribbean Agricultural Network continued efforts will be made to embrace like minded individuals and agencies.