The Caribbean - African Connection

The Caribbean - Africa Chocolate Connection

The history of the Caribbean, and the Americas in general, would not be the same but for the insertion of African competence- albeit forced –in to the building of the “New World.” The primary purpose for the insertion of Africans into the Americas was for the growing of sugar cane and other products in the southern portion of the hemisphere. In the United States, Africans grew cotton, wheat, rice and corn. The connection between Africa and the Americas went beyond the movement of people. That connection also brought cocoa from the Americas to Africa. Today more than 60% of cocoa on the world market comes from Africa.
Through the leadership of Cameroonian entrepreneur and visionary Yaya Mbaoua the executives of the Caribbean Agricultural Network and their strategic ally SPAGnVOLA met with Côte d’Ivoire Ambassador Daouda Diabate and affirmed a commitment to collaborate in the development of the cocoa industry in Côte d’Ivoire. Truly, by such collaboration we are reconnecting based on free will, mutual interest and a desire to advance the development process of our respective communities in equitable fashion.  While our focus in this re-connection is cocoa value chain transformation, it is our plan to use our network to advance overall agricultural development in our respective communities.