In collaboration with CiBEXO Group Dominica, the Law Office of Gabriel Christian and Caribbean Agriculture Network, SPAGnVOLA Chocolatier joins the relief effort for Dominica victims of Tropical Storm Erika.
As of Thursday, September 17th, SPAGnVOLA will have a limited number of Dominica's premium chocolates bars for sale at their outlets in Gaithersburg and National Harbor. These artisan bars are made from cocoa produced in Dominica and will be for sale at $25.00 each. "The main ingredient in these bars is love and this is what's being sent to Dominica with a 100% of the proceeds from this effort" says SPAGnVOLA's head chocolate maker, Crisoire Reid.

This fundraising effort is demonstrative of our commitment not only to the farmers but to a people with whom we have fallen in love during our visit earlier this year. As we are limited to 1,000 bars and earmarked to raise US$25,000 we are seeking the support of chocolate lovers by sampling this new chocolate.

From Dominica, a lush arcadia of towering thickly forested mountains swept by sweet Caribbean breezes come Chocolat de la Dominique. Dominica is in that part of the Americas where cocoa originated, and where Meso Americans traversed the Caribbean and connected with the Central American isthmus and what is today Venezuela. In the 1900s Dominica' s lush forest and Botanic Gardens were laboratories for the added introduction of fine flavored Trinitario and Criollo beans carefully nurtured in partnership with the world renowned Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture at Trinidad (now the University of the West Indies-St. Augustine). A British colony then, Dominica’s beans was highly prized by the leading British chocolatiers who used the island's fine flavor beans to add exquisite taste to their bars. SPAGnVOLA's Chocolat de la Dominique was born of the vision of Christian family matriarch Alberta Christian who was born at Dominica's Cocoa Center in the Layou Valley in 1929.

Chocolate de la Dominique is an exquisite blend of cocoa from a unique and unspoilt spot on earth which is like what Bordeaux is to wine. While cocoa beans may be transported from one country to the next, it is the particular soil chemistry and overall atmospherics of a given place which infuses the cocoa bean with its unique notes. Made from heirloom cocoa trees grown by independent cocoa farmers, the Chocolate de la Dominique beans were lovingly fermented via the CiBEXO method. The fermentation and training of local farmers on Dominica took place in February 2015 during a mission by SPAGnVOLA and the Caribbean Agricultural Network. The beans were carefully selected for the first ever international launch of a chocolate bar from Dominica.

The fine flavored Chocolat de la Dominique bar will titillate your taste buds with its subtle earth, wood and fragrant floral tones redolent of the pristine forests from which it emerges. Our bar contains no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or refined sugars making them truly a dairy free and gluten free dream come true. Come, enjoy Chocolat de la Dominique and enter a zone born of an isle of splendor, an isle so rich and rare.

"Over the past couple of weeks, the plight of Dominica has been weighing heavily on us here at SPAGnVOLA. As such, my wife Crisoire and I have decided to move quickly to launch the new Dominica chocolate bar as a fundraiser to help in whatever way we can," says SPAGnVOLA's CEO, Eric Reid.

Special Launch of Chocolat de la Dominique 
in commemoration of our beloved departed flood victim
-'Mighty Cocoa Tea' - Clifton Lewis'


Contributors to the Rebuild Dominica initiative purchasers of our Chocolate bar with total value to be donated to Dominica