The management of the Caribbean Agricultural Network is confident that it possesses the human resource competence which is key to its success.

A talented operations team comprised of experts from agriculture, marketing, business development, market research, distribution and law to include:

Gabriel J. Christian President of CAN. Gabriel is an attorney-at-law, (Gabriel J. Christian and Associates Llc) with over 20 years experience in the field of international law is the embodiment of the spirit of optimism and hope for peace and tranquility and particularly for a brighter future for Dominicans at home and abroad. His entrepreneurial spirit will be the catalyst that will ensure a resounding success for this venture as a bold initiative for emulation by others and as a proud legacy of ‘Can Do’ spirit for his successors. 
Jefferson (Frankie) Tonge is the co-founder and 1st Vice President of CAN. As a pioneer in the field of air/marine transport of agricultural produce, he is also the Vice President of Favorite Island Produce, a Virgin Islands based company that imports fresh agricultural produce and products from Dominica to the US. Virgin Islands. He is responsible for coordinating purchasing, shipping and marketing. Mr. Tonge also serves as the Director of Operations for Hummingbird Air’s St. Thomas station. Hummingbird Air provides non-stop direct air link from the US Virgin Islands to Dominica, St. Kitts, St. Lucia and Anguilla.
Francis Richards is the Chief Executive Officer of the Caribbean Agricultural Network (CAN). A national of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Mr. Richards has had the benefit of tertiary education having studied agriculture related subjects in Illinios-USA and Cranfield – United Kingdom.  For the greater part of twenty years, he had the opportunity to be actively engaged at the field and managerial level in the cultivation, processing and marketing of several agricultural crops on the island as a public sector employee.

His diversion to the private sector, provided him the platform to be engaged in business management including culinary arts, housing construction and sports facility management. Actively engaged with a full slate of civic, social, and cultural activities, Richards is the recipient of Dominica’s third highest National commendation – the Meritorious Service Award for his contribution to the revival and development of the Dominica Cadet Corps in addition to playing leading roles in the National Band and the Dominica Arts and Crafts Producers Association. His continued pivotal role directed at the sustainable growth and development of the Caribbean Agricultural Network is expected to significantly impact the economic benefits of bilateral relations between the US and the Caribbean.
Eric Reid is the founder and CEO of SPAGnVOLA. Since 1997, as a professional Chocolatier he continues to be the leading this effort in this initiative.  Mr. Reid has a keen vision and experience from agriculture, import and export, warehousing, retail management, inventory control and manufacturing. Under his leadership SPAGnVOLA  received three (3) awards at the prestigious International Chocolate Awards Academy ceremony -  2015. The prizes included  two (2) Silver for Bean-to-Bar under 80% and one (1) Silver for Bean-to-Bar over 80%

Crisoire Z. Reid is our Head Chocolatier from the Dominican Republic, responsible for the creation of all premium chocolates.  Mrs. Reid has mastered the art of chocolate confection, from roasting and grinding cacao beans, through the manufacture of premium chocolate.  Mrs. Reid is a professional Chocolatier and earmarked in becoming a Master Chocolatier by spring of 2013.  An expert in tempering chocolate, making Ganache and creating truffles and bonbons, while utilizing her own ingredients.  Mrs. Reid is a master in organizing and controlling her kitchen for the successful creation of her artisan chocolate confections.
Dr.Samuel Christian graduated from the Dominica Grammar School and Sixth Form College. An early activist like his brother Gabriel, Sam served as President of the United Student Council and Secretary General of the National Youth Council. During that time he organized prototype community work camps to Kalinago Territory and Petite Savanne. He also published articles while co-hosting the DBS youth program 'Motion.' 

Mr. Christian taught at the Wesley High School from 1975-1977 and strove to improve patient conditions as president of the Dominica Association of Mental Health. He obtained a Bachelors of Science with honors (Biochemistry) in Georgia.  Dr. Christian graduated from Howard University College of Medicine in Washington DC and went to train as a general surgeon in New Jersey.
Errol Emanuel is the Dominica CAN director responsible for operations. He brings with him over 32 years knowledge and experience in production, post-harvest and exports of fresh produce to the Caribbean, United Kingdom and the United States.
He worked in the transition of the banana industry from banana boxing plants in the various districts to field pack to mini wet pack and has broad knowledge and experience in rural agricultural development.

He started work in the banana industry as a fruit quality assessor in 1982 and held several positions such as fruit quality control officer, field program supervisor, management of the weaning and hardening of tissue culture banana plantlets, leaf-spot control coordinator, farm certification officer, production services manager and general manager from which he left in 2014.

As general manager he led his team in the transformation of the privatized banana company , Dominica Banana Producers Limited to Dominica Agricultural Producers and Exporters Limited  and was able to move the company from a the single export crop banana to 21 different crops for exports.

He has also done extensive fresh produce marketing and promotion in the Caribbean islands of Trinidad, Barbados, Antigua, St Kitts and St Marteen. He has also developed the quality specification for various crops based on customer requirements.